Speaking Spanish shall protect the personal details of all its students to ensure that their learning experience is safe and enjoyable.

The privacy policy refers to how we use the personal details the student provides via the Speaking Spanish website, by telephone, email or during the classes themselves.

What personal data will Speaking Spanish ask me for?

When you decide to register with Speaking Spanish, we shall request some personal details such as your name, email address, landline or mobile phone number, city of residence etc. Completing the fields required with your personal details allows us to develop the most personalised language programme for you, based on your needs and preferences.

How does Speaking Spanish use the information that I provide?

Speaking Spanish shall use your personal details in the following ways:

  • For administrative reasons, which means that Speaking Spanish can contact you to remind you of a password or payment.
  • For academic reasons, which means that your teacher may contact you to give some additional information related to classes, timetable etc.

We shall inform you in advance about when and where Speaking Spanish shall need to use your personal details for other reasons. You also have the right to refuse to give your permission to use your data for reasons different to those mentioned above, in line with the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018.

Will Speaking Spanish share my personal data with anyone else?

No. The information you give shall remain confidential (except when it is required for legal reasons, such as for example for government bodies of the police).

How long will Speaking Spanish keep my personal details?

We shall keep your personal details in our system for the period that you are using the services of Speaking Spanish.

How will Speaking Spanish protect my personal details?

Speaking Spanish wishes to guarantee the security of your personal details, as well as the transactions you make. We use appropriate security measures, both organisational and technical, to prevent your details from being revealed or used inappropriately. We use a safe server that receives and stores the data that you provide when you register and any personal data that you send by email is encrypted safely.

The information used during payment to Speaking Spanish by PayPal is protected by the security measures involved this kind of payment, which is considered to be in the safest in the market at present. Although we have never had any problems to date, the security of payments made by bank transfer cannot be completely guaranteed as they are controlled by the bank involved and not by the account holders. Therefore, we suggest that you contact your bank for more information on their security policy for bank transfers.